Nutrition Coaching


Why is your nutrition at the base of the pyramid? Simple, because you cannot outrun a bad diet.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how may workouts you do or what supplements you take, if your diet is not up to snuff you will never reach your full potential. Not that you won’t see gains in strength or losses on the scale if your food intake isn’t great, but if you want to really see all the benefits that your training can provide you, it has to start in the kitchen.  Can you just ask Dr. Google for advice and hope that he’s right?  Sure, but be prepared for advice about your nutrition that is as solid as this guy’s advice is on the Clean & Jerk.  This is why we have added a Nutrition Coaching to all that Crossfit Lancaster has to offer.   We want you to become the absolute best possible version of you, and we want to give you the tools necessary to effectively get there.

Enter Kelly Marsteller, and this incredibly flattering picture of her…

(we’ll put a nice picture up here of here ASAP, I promise!) IMG_1450

 She has been a Registered Dietician since 2011, is a graduate of Westchester University, and she really knows her stuff. Her role here is to help you get that final edge that you need to break through your barriers.  She will take all the detailed measurements needed to give you a 100% accurate picture of where you’re at and then provide the calories, macros, meal plans and most importantly, the accountability to keep you on track.  The cost for the service is either $60.00 for an hour or $100.00 for two hours.

Click here if you want to get started for two hours and here if you want to do one!!!

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