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To sign up, first click here to set up a time to come check out a class.

Then once you realize that this is exactly what you have been looking for, just click on the big red button to the left! Go ahead, just push the button

Your First Month:  During  your first month you will be in our Beginner’s class.  The movements we do here can be very challenging to learn, let alone do well in a timed environment with a heavy load.  These teaching based classes are designed to make you familiar and competent with all of our movements and methodology. The Beginner’s Only classes are held Monday-Friday at 7:00AM and Noon, Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 8:00AM.  If you absolutely cannot make the beginner’s only classes, we can make alternative arrangements, but the ideal is that you make it to them.   The Beginner’s Membership is $129.00, and is prorated for the remainder of the current month and regular billing begins on the first of the next month. You are able to come to 4 classes/week.

After attending these classes you will…

  • Have a firm grasp of what Fitness is
  • Understand what CrossFit is and why we train the way that we do.
  • Be able to perform the 9 basic movements that are part of almost every WOD we do as well as a host of other fun exercises that we do like kettlebell swings and sledgehammer strikes.
  • Receive basic nutritional guidelines for optimal health and performance.
  • Be doing CrossFit WODs that are scaled to a beginner’s level to make sure you have the form and technique correct before adding intensity.

The Beginner’s Membership is $129.00, and after about a month you will be up to speed on all of the movements, exercises and reasoning behind what we do, so you’ll be ready and anxious to jump into the group WODs and start working towards doing them as Rx’d.  When you are done with the Beginner’s Class, you will have several Membership Options…

Membership Options:

  • Up to 3x/week: $99.00

  • Unlimited: $129.00

All memberships are month to month, no long term contracts.  If you need to cancel please tell me by the 3rd of the month and I will refund that month’s dues. 
And this should go without saying, but just the same: We don’t share your information with anyone!!!
We do offer discounts for fire/military/police as well as family discounts. Please ask for details.

Referrals: For every person you refer to us who joins, your membership dues for that month will be reduced by $25.00.

30 responses to “Membership

  1. Nicholas Ruszak

    Hey Tim, I’m going to try to swing by and check it out this summer. Unfortunately, the unit I’ll be getting attached to is in San Bruno, CA but hoepfully I’ll be around for a bit with Rob and Anthony. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Mike McInnis

    I will be in Lancaster on business and wanted to stop in for one of your classes. What is the fee for a fellow Crossfitter from San Diego to drop in?

  3. Lester Rhoads

    I am interested in coming in and trying cross fit full time. I am FF with the local department and a Career FF with one in York Co. One of my captains introduced us to Cross Fit and its benefits. Do you need to go through the course to do any of the Saturday wod? Thank you

    • Tim


      We love the FF and other public service folks here. Feel free to come to any class you want to. There is a foundations class to go through, but not before you can start working out with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I need to find out more specifics about it.

  5. Hey, you used to write excellent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  6. Jeremy Schlieve


    I’m really interested in CrossFit and have been wanting to get into one of your classes. How long do they normally last? When would be a good time to check out a class? I’m not a CrossFitter but want to become one. I’m in the Army and the last First Sergeant I worked for uses CrossFit as a company training tool.

  7. Trinket Charles

    Would love to join but I feel the cost is to high. I belong at Golds and enjoy working out!! Seems like a lot of fun!!

    • Tim

      Don’t compare the price to a regular gym membership where all you get is access to machines. Here you get expert coaching and programing every time you walk through the door. That’s $50/hr at golds.

  8. Alyssa

    After the on ramp course, what would the cost for a membership for 2x a week for a month be?

  9. Grace Shirk-Emmons

    Very curious about crossfit training.. I am 55, female and dont really excerise as often as I should. Would this be too much for me? I would be retiring soon and would have time for this after.

    • Tim

      Hi Grace, this is definitely NOT too much. That’s the beauty of CrossFit, everything is scaleable to your individual ability. If that means deadlifting with 300 lbs, awesome. If it means deadlifting with a broomstick, that’s awesome too! The best way to see it, though, is to come see it. Let’s set up a time you can come in for an Intro session.


  10. grace shirk-emmons

    I will do that after I have retired. My working hours arent this great and I could just go and schedule whatever I like yet. I will get in touch with you when I know for sure. Thanks for replying..

  11. So Crossfit Lancaster offers a week trial, and then offers either personal training for $50 or unlimited group for $150/month… or you can drop in any time for $15?

    • Tim

      Hi Burns, yes, the one-on-one training is 50/class and unlimited monthly memberships are $149. The drop ins are for crossfitters from out of town, and we usually don’t do a week free, but an intro session and a class or two. That’s usually plenty of time to figure out if we’re a good fit for each other… Looking forward to seeing you next week.

      – Tim

  12. Aclose

    Will you be doing any summer specials? I will be living in Lancaster for my husbands job April-August. there a discount if you pay 4 months in advance?

    • Tim

      Yeah, we’ll be doing a summer special and we can do a 4 month membership, too. Let me know when you get in town and we’ll work out the details.


  13. Beth

    Hi Tim, wondering what the age requirement is – what is the youngest?
    I was thinking of making this a family affair but my daughter is only 8 (9 in Sept.) She does gymnastics & cheerleading so the strength and agility she could gain would be a help in those areas but is 8 too young?
    In regards to myself, I have a stretched bicep muscle & rotator cuff. I need to work to strengthen those areas but also need to be cautious not to tear them completely, do you see any issue with this?

  14. Ray

    how much is it to drop in here?

    • Tim

      Hi Ray. We typically don’t charge a drop in as long as 1) you’ve been crossfitting for a while already and 2) you’re not a total tool. Otherwise it’s $20.00.

  15. Jaime

    I am a 21 year old former division 1 athlete. I unfortunately have let myself get out of shape and overweight from lack of exercise. I want something that will change my life and I feel like crossfit is that way. For the beginner membership, how many times can you go a week?

    • Tim

      Hi Jamie, we’d love to have you come and check us out!!! The beginners can come up to 4x/week, and that is really plenty for the first month or more…

  16. Rochelle Dykes

    I am new to Lancaster. I have a Groupon and I would like to start working out as soon as possible. Please contact me at your convenience.
    Thank you

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