Contact Us

Our address is

1200 Corporate Blvd Suite 4b, Lancaster, PA 17601 (Next to the Dog Sports Training)

To reach us,

please call 717.522.1786

or 717.682.1119

or via email at

14 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Mike

    Two Level 1, military, CrossFitters wanted to drop in tomorrow night if it was ok.
    Love to check you box!

  2. Jack

    I will be visiting on Saturday. Are you the only CF in Lancaster?

  3. Wayne Felger

    Don’t be surprised if I show at 630pm. Already restless!1

  4. Wayne Felger

    Am definitely out until at least Monday…the way this thing is right now ice, rest and elevation is best.

  5. stephen schuessler

    Het Tim
    This is Steve from Myrtle Beach,SC I am a Level 1,firefighter from the beach home visiting my family and would like to get in on sat or mondays wods. Please let me know how much or when would be the best time. Thanks Steve

  6. jvicjvic

    I am going to be visiting from Crossfit Hardcore in S FL May 3-7. I was thinking of checking your box out either Friday or Saturday. Do I need to come early to fill out paper work. And is your schedule correct online? 5:45am/9am on Friday and 10am on Saturday?
    Thank you!

  7. jvicjvic

    I am going to be visiting from S FL and would like to take a class. I am from Crossfit Hardcore. Is your schedule current? I am thinking of Friday 5:45/9am or Sat 10am.
    Thank you

  8. Orlan Jackson, DO

    Hi Tim, Thanks for letting me work out with you. I will be there the 26th through the 31st for the early morning classes. Let me know how much I will owe you. I’m from Roughrider Crossfit. Orlan Jackson, DO

    • Tim

      Hi Orlan, the official stance on drop ins is $15.00/day. However, unless you’re a total tool, I’m not too concerned about it. You can pay whatever you think is fair and I’m cool with that.

  9. Sherry O'Neill

    If I would like to try a beginner class on Monday with my daughter could we pay for just one class? It would be two of us and we would like to attend the 7am or 7:30am class.

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