1/8/14, Test day 3 and WOD


We are continuing our quest for virtuosity, today working on our squat mechanics.  The squat is fundamental in everything that we do here. If you’re good at the squat, you’ll be good at most we do here. If you’re bad at the squat, you’re going to have a hard time with most of what we do here. I’d be willing to bet that the other 23 hours of your day are going to be more challenging than they need to be too.

Everybody will start off by doing 25 air squats, with your weight in your heels, knees out, chest up and the crease of your hips below the top of your knees at the bottom. If they’re not quite there yet, we’ll work with you to get them there. If they are solid, we’ll do 15 back squats with an unloaded barbell, and if those look good we’ll have you do 10 back squats with no more than 40% of your 1RM. The goal will be for  you do to 5 virtuous sets of 5 at that 40% number.  Once you have all 5 sets of back squats, we’ll remove a set of back squat and replace it with a set of front squats until you’ve got all 5 of those sets down, then we’ll go through the same process with overhead squats. Remember that the goal of these sets isn’t heavy, it’s virtuosity.

A final note about this quest for virtuosity. THIS. WILL. TAKE. TIME.  The general rule is that it takes close to 5,000 repetitions of a movement to firmly establish muscle memory. We want to ensure that each of those reps is forcing your muscles to remember the right things, and no matter how you slice it 5,000 reps is going to take a while. Be patient and trust the process, trust the coaches, and trust that your body will move better, respond better, do better, look better, and most importantly perform better with a solid foundation of pushes, pulls and squats. 

WOD: Death By Thruster EMOM

  • Minutes 1-4; 4 Thrusters EMOM, 95/65 (all thrusters will have a 3 second hold at the top)
  • Minutes 5-8; 4 Thrusters EMOM, 115/75
  • Minutes 9-11; 3 Thrusters EMOM, 135/85
  • Every 2 minutes thereafter, until  you can no longer complete them, add as much weight as you’d like to and EMOM do 2 Thrusters.

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