12/14/13 WOD



Remember when you played “Horse” with a basketball as a kid? Same idea…

  • You’ll be teamed up in teams of 3 or 4, we’ll determine who goes first.
  • The first person picks a movement, any movement, weight, reps and/or time they want (within reason…*) and then he or she and rest of the team has to do it.
  • If you get it, no letter. If you don’t, You get a letter. If you spell out “Crossfit” you’re out.
  • Each round is started by the player next in line.
  • Once a movement has been used by your team, it cannot be used again

*within reason means, basically, don’t be an assho!e. We’re not going to run a marathon or rep out 500lb deadlifts for 30 minutes.  You may want to come with a few things in mind, things like: 100 unbroken double unders, 30 pull ups, max push ups in 45 seconds, 315 Deadlift for reps in 30 seconds, 1RM squat clean thruster in 5 minutes… See where we’re going here?  Try to pick things that are challenging, but limited by time, we’ve only got an hour or so after all. For 1RM’s and max rep in x amount of time, if you tie the player leading off, then there is no need to go any heavier.

This is going to be super fun! See you tomorrow morning!

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