November Featured Athlete: Maureen Yoder


What brought you here?

The cross-training class at my gym was cancelled after only two months and I had become addicted to (what seemed like at the time) super hard wall balls, burpees, tire hits, etc. So I googled ‘cross training classes in lancaster, pa’ and CrossFit Lancaster was the first result. I liked it on facebook, got a message from Tim telling me to come whenever worked for me and the rest was history after my first WOD.

Did it meet the impression you had before you got here?

I had never in my life heard of CrossFit and didn’t even look it up before coming, so I didn’t know what to expect. It kicked my butt. Being told I’d learn to do pull ups seemed crazy to me and I wanted to come back and learn to do all of the weird movements/lifts I’d never heard of or thought a woman could even do.

What are you most proud of?

I think, honestly, I’m most proud of the fact that CrossFit has taught me to ignore mainstream media and the ideals I grew up thinking I needed to have; super skinny, not eating too much, not being ‘bulky’. Learning and accepting that those things were total crap was liberating. I’m proud to have muscle, be strong and be able to take care of myself; people who don’t like that be damned.

What are you working on now?

I’d kill for a CrossFit certification. My goal/dream is to coach at CF. Working on raising and saving the money for it has been very hard and frustrating. Aside from that, I want to finally get those last 5# to get a 300# deadlift, start getting ring muscle ups consistently and get a 100# snatch.

What’s your favorite CFL memory?

My birthday WOD is up there among my favorites, but in general, the first few sessions I did stand out because of how wonderful the people were. At that time, I was struggling much worse with my social anxiety and talking to people was intimidating. Having friendly coaches and fellow CFers was amazing and helped me get past some of that. I remembered being thrilled when Les nicknamed me “WODzilla” because I felt like I fit in.

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