10/15/13 WOD


There’s nothing quite like a 5 minute AMRAP of a fairly heavy weight to get your heart pumping and your lunch making its way back up. You can do it. The best score on BTWB for the guys is 39 Squat Clean & Jerks, for the women it is 40…

That being said, we’re going to change the order up a bit today, and do our WOD first, then our strength sets…

WOD: Open WOD 11.3, 5 Minute AMRAP of:

  • Squat Clean (165/110)
  • Jerk (165/110)

You must complete the squat clean before moving on to the jerk and you must complete the jerk before moving on to the next squat clean. If you miss a jerk you may power clean the bar to set up your jerk attempt.

Barbell: Back Squat

  • 2×5 at 50% 1RM
  • 1×3 at 60% 1RM
  • 1×2 at 70% 1RM
  •  3×3 at 85% 1RM


Barbell: Back Squats

WOD:  5 Minute AMRAP of:

  • 1 Power Clean
  • 1 Push up

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