9/28/13 WOD


Saturday Partner WOD.  It’s a 30 Minute AMRAP. There is very little running. That is all you’re gonna get…



And now a Public Service Announcement: Don’t cherry pick your WODs!  The coaches put together a programming structure designed to make everyone a “Jack of all trades, master of one”.   Every one of us has something that is definitely in our wheelhouse, that thing that you kick ass at and everybody knows it! Guess what? Being really gooder at what your already the goodest at is counter-productive. You’ll always be good at those things, probably without a whole lot of effort. What you should be looking for are thing things you are decidedly not good!  WODs full of those things should get you just as excited as a WOD full of all the things you’re amazing at (but for different reasons).  We want to raise the tide of your overall general physical preparedness, and make your fitness as broad as possible, while still allowing for you to be awesome at the things that you excel at. Basically, we want you to be more like Mr. T.



We strive to give you the opportunities to build as big and broad a base of fitness as possible, while still having depth and expertise in some areas where you are just going to be more comfortable.  And while we’re at it, it has been proved, by science, that a mohawk, feather earrings and an excessive amount of gold chains will only help.

But honestly, the most important thing you can be isn’t the guy with the best snatch, or the girl who cleans the most, or who can do the most muscle ups. Nope, the best thing you can be as a crossfit athlete is the “One who’s here 5 days a week, rain or shine, no matter the WOD”.

Consistency, folks. That’s the most important thing.



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