Our Newest Featured Athlete, Lierin!

Say hello to our newest Featured Athlete, Lierin Quinn!

At the time I decided to join Crossfit I was going to a gym regularly and trying to get back into shape after many years in college, you know….being busy studying and enjoying myself. At this time I noticed that I had found it extremely hard to find the motivation to go to the gym because it was boring to me, all of my life I had been athletic and got my exercise through sports. I heard a lot of good things about CF through professional athletes. It looked challenging but fun. So, I gave it a shot and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy coming to CFL everyday and it doesn’t feel like something that I HAVE to do unlike the gym.

I think when I first came I was really just focused on trying to learn the basics. It took me awhile but now that I understand a lot of the basics I am able to focus on my lifts which is always rewarding when you see yourself progress. I couldn’t even do push ups or pull ups when I started, just to know that I can do those now is so rewarding.

My most memorable moment at CFL has to be the first time I encountered Murph… who can forget their first time doing Murph? I hadn’t been at CFL very long and had just gotten back from vacation. I remember feeling like I wanted to die (pretty much like every other WOD but worse) and give up. I ended up finishing just under an hour with the help of the awesome CFL community cheering me on. I couldn’t do pull ups then without a band and was very proud of myself when I finished this year’s Murph RX’d with the time of 49:28. I look forward to beating this time next year!

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