Our Newest Featured Athlete!



Our newest Featured Athlete is Sam Wickenheiser!

What brought me here? A group of my friends and I went to ocmd for labor day. At our first bar I witnessed a women dead lift someone almost twice her size right there at the bar, so I had to ask what she did, she responded with Crossfit. I didn’t know anything about Crossfit so I turned to google and was terrified. But eventually i worked up the courage to e mail Tim.

My first meeting with Tim I did the intro wod (500 M Row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups for time) and almost died. I found out how really out of shape I was.

I’m really most proud of being able to keeping coming back for more and proud to be a part of this great community we have here at Crossfit Lancaster

Right now I’m working on mu’s and pistols… Every ones favorite things.

I would have to say my favorite memory of Crossfit Lancaster was at wodmania i wasnt doing very well in the third WOD but there was such a big turn out of fans and supporters from our gym cheering me on i felt like i was in first place. I have to thank every one of you, the coaches and the GFP of Crossfit Lancaster that push and support me every day

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