7/1/13 WOD

First a huge congrats to Coach Krysty, Coach Tim Hite and Rich Essig for taking 2nd, 2nd and 3rd respectively over the weekend at Crossfit 717!  Great job you three!!!!!!! 


They are most definitely forces to be reckoned with. Here’s another news flash:  They’re not the only ones! All of us are capable of being forces to be reckoned with!  Stick with the Summer of Strong and you’ll continue to see great gains. Next week we’ll be testing all our big lifts and I’m confident that will show that you’re old 1RMs are not your current 1RM’s any more. I am so excited I can hardly weight…. (see what I did there, weight, wait…) If you want to become an even bigger force than you are now, come see one of the coaches. We’ll put together a plan to strengthen  your weaknesses and multiply your strengths!

Summer of Strong: Push Jerk 5-5-5.  Use the same weight you used for the 3-3-3 on 6/27…


  • First, 2 Minute AMReps Sit ups, then
  • 5 Minute AMPAP of
    • 2 Power Cleans (same weight you used for the Push Jerks)
    • 5 Push Ups
    • 10 Double Unders


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