6/4/13 WOD

Strength: 3×3 Deadlift. Just like yesterday’s squats, DON’T GO FOR A 1RM! Do the three sets with the same weight, touch and go!

double under

WOD: Death By Bar Muscle ups and Double Unders

  • Minute 1: 1 Bar Muscle up, 5 double Unders
  • Minute 2: 2 Bar Muscle ups, 10 Double unders.
  • etc…

-OR- Death By Pull ups and Double Unders. Exactly the same rep scheme and time…

  • In either case, if you don’t last for 10 rounds, take the last complete round and do half of that round until you have completed 10 minutes.
  • If you can keep up past 10 minutes, then do so!

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