Now is the Time!




Alrighty, the open is over, it’s 80 degrees and the garage door is open again. It is time to get back to some serious training.  I know that I have felt a distinct lack of motivation in the last few weeks (as in 16 of them or so) and it shows and I’m sick of it. I don’t think that I’m alone.  So, from here on out let’s shift into a higher gear than what you’re typically used to.  That means knowing that you’ll be getting uncomfortable in the WODs. That means running faster, lifting heavier, and stopping less.  It means look at the goal board and see where you are in relation to what you wanted to do 3 months ago. Are you closer? If you’re not, why not?  That means taking an honest look at where you’re at and a nervous look at where you want to be and start building the bridge between the two places.   It means taking full advantage of all the expertise of all the coaches we have here, asking us for help and guidance.  If you’ve never been to the Oly Class, go to them. Talk to Kelly about your nutrition. Ask us to help you set your goals and keep you accountable!   But at the end of the day, it has to be your DNA samples that you clean up postWOD, right?  You’ve got to put in the work and the time and the effort, regardless of your situation, age, current fitness level, how exhausted you are, what’s going on at work or at home or at school or any number of valid but in the long run inconsequential reasons to not give 100%.  I don’t mean that all those things aren’t real, but that they’re do not have the power to stop you.

I’ve been thinking of it kinda like this…The first time I piled my family into the minivan and drove to Saskatoon was also the first time I had used a dashboard GPS instead of a map. While this was kinda neat, and the kids loved having Darth Vader tell us to “turn right to the dark side ahead”, I realized pretty quickly that I had a tendency to look at the GPS screen instead of the actual road.  While the GPS was a wealth of information about speed, distance, ETA, directions, and a long view of what the road ahead would do, it most certainly did NOT replace actually looking at the road.  The GPS had no idea what the weather was like, or that there were 100 cars in front of me were going 15 miles under the speed limit, or that the 4 kids were fighting and I was tired of driving for the last 6 hours and really wanted a cup of coffee, or that a cop was sitting behind that overpass in Minnesota. I needed the actual, live, real information in front of me and around me to sucessfully drive from Lancaster to Saskatoon.  Just showing up and doing what’s on the whiteboard without throwing yourself completely into it is kinda like driving by across the country by GPS and not looking out the windshield. The programming we do will make you an incredible human being, but there are real and actual things you are dealing with that you that you’ll need to navigate around. But just like traffic and kids and coffee and cops, these are things you deal with along the way, not things that you stop over.

Now don’t take this the wrong way…I am not saying that all of you are not making great gains, seeing improvements and getting better. If that were true, the PR bell wouldn’t be ringing almost every day. What I am doing is laying down a challenge for us to continue to reach farther!  All of us are capable of tremendous things, the type of things that you should rightly be a little bit scared of. The type of things that make you feel like you did when you first walked into the box, and saw all these people doing all this crazy shit, and thought to yourself , “There is no way I’ll never be able to do that”.  Remember that?  Feel that again. Every time  you walk through the door.

Every. Damn. Time.


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