Open WODs schedules…

we're not gonna let a bunch of Koala bears beat us, right???

we’re not gonna let a bunch of Koala bears beat us, right???

Just to be clear, we are running the open WOD every Friday as a box.  Anyone who comes on Friday gets to do it.  We are also running separate times for anyone who’d like to do it again or cannot make it today at 11:00AM on Saturday and Sunday. The time on Sunday will be announced as soon as we finalize it.

Also, I have thrown the  gauntlet down and challenged CrossFit South Yarra in freekin Australia to what is probably the very first Intercontinental International Open Throw Down!  I went to college with one of the athletes from there and we were both talking about how our boxes are going to kick ass, so we put a little something on the line. If, in the extremely unlikely scenario that at the end of the Open, their team wins, we send them a large quantity of Lancaster County Brewing Company Beer. If they lose, which I fully expect, we receive a huge amount of some Australian liquor. I suspect it will actually be the venom of some poisonous snake, but just the same, we’ll drink it and be good sports about it!

So, now that our reputations are on the line literally across the globe, let’s kick this Open’s ASS!!!!

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