Ooh! Presents!!!


Here at CFL, it is our constant motivation to make you better! With that in mind, you all have a present in your notebook today!  Make sure you look at it and understand it…

It is a pretty self explanatory outline of what you as athletes should be able to do here at our Box based upon your goals and current fitness level.  There is nothing on the list that you can’t at least start working towards, and it gives you a very clear road map of how you should be progressing, of the different skills and strengths you should be developing, from the day you walk in the door for the first time to as far as being a “games ready” athlete.  Don’t look at these expectations so much as a “look how much more work I have to do list” rather, look at it like a “look at what’s possible” list.  As you are able to perform the movement, check it off and move on to the next column.  Before you know it, you’ll be farther along in what you’re capable of than you ever thought possible.

We’ve got some other great upgrades on the way, so keep an eye in your book, on the website and Facebook pages, and around the box…


Tim and the Coaches

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