Cupid’s Revenge

Join us for the first Cupid’s Revenge Coed CrossFit Competition! All teams must be coed teams of two, and there will be two divisions: RX’d for those who pairs of competitors who are looking to get all hot and sweaty and end up in a heap on the floor together, and a scaled division for those who just want to get to know each other better…

All kidding aside, we’ll have 3 WODs with a potential 4th tie breaker, and the team members will have to work together to complete each WOD. The WOD’s are put together

 in a way that the vast majority of the teams can compete as Rx’d, even in you have very different abilities. My hope is that this competition is one that is both very challenging for all the competitors, but also fun for anyone who would like to participate.Click here to register: cost is $50/team. That get’s everybody a shirt, some cool prizes and food and drink during and after the competition. One person registers and then please fill in the appropriate spots for your team name and your partner’s name.See you on February 9th!

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by | November 29, 2012 · 12:16 pm

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