Beginner’s Class 2.0!

Here at CrossFit Lancaster, we are constantly striving to improve. Not only our Fran time, our % of body fat, or our Clean & Jerk.  We are also constantly striving to improve the Box as a whole. The Coaches and I are constantly working on ways to improve the layout of the floor, coaching cues and techniques, and programming among other things to make sure that you can be the best athlete possible both in the box and during the other 23 hours of your day.  The next object of focus is the beginner’s class.

So, as anyone at the 6:30 class has noticed, the beginner’s classes have been pretty packed! It is awesome to see so many people so very excited to try out CrossFit, to see what it is that they are capable of, to take a month to learn proper mechanics, range of motion and consistently correct form before adding a lot of weight or intensity!  I can’t speak highly enough about the new crop that are working through the beginners class right now!

That being said, there are going to be a few changes in the beginners classes format beginning Monday, September 3rd.

  1. The Beginner’s Class will now be a 4 week long CLOSED CLASS! This means you must register for the class prior to the beginning of the month to reserve your spot, and you must finish at least 10 of the classes in that month to move into the general population. Once you sign up, you may come to any Saturday WODs prior to the start of your beginner’s class.
  2. 45 minutes just isn’t enough time to get to everything that we need to cover, so beginning September 3rd the Beginner’s Classes will be held at 5:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. In addition to the M/T/Th evening classes, starting September 3rd we will have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday Beginner’s Class at 10:00AM
  4. If you for some reason just cannot make the classes, you can opt to do 3 one-on-one sessions for $150.00.  This is NOT IDEAL, you will miss a month of conditioning, getting your body used to working out this way, and a month of being a part of a community united in shared suffering (or learning, however you want to look at it) but it will get you at least familiar with the basic movements and terminology.

Yes, this will require some discipline on your part, and it will may not be ideal for your schedule, but it is only a month, and really it is for your own good, we promise!!!!  Imagine that you joined an MMA club, they probably wouldn’t let you in an actual fight until you sparred some, you know, learned some basic blocks and punches.  If you did just show up and jump in the ring, you’d probably get your ass kicked.  For the same reason, we don’t want you jumping into the regular classes without the knowledge and skills you need to WOD as intensely as is safely possible!  Don’t worry, once you are done with the month and are able to demonstrate the proper form and technique for all the major lifts, you will be able to join in the regular classes with much less worry or apprehension.


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