The Whole Life Challenge starts September 15th…

The Whole Life Challenge Worldwide

An 8-week intensive health & fitness challenge created to calibrate your entire being towards a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, no-excuses, gettin’-everything-out-of-it lifetime of physical & mental excellence.

All participants in the challenge will receive:

  • Access to the Whole Life Challenge Worldwide Scoreboard.
  • Pre-game huddle — a meet-up created by your box to cover the basics of how to set yourself up: preparing your home and kitchen, shopping, preparing food, and strategies.
  • Access to the WorldWide community and forums to see what thousands of other people just like you are experiencing, learning, and discovering every day.
  • Access to The Whole Life Challenge blog with support, tips and recipes as well as an opportunity to communicate with coaches and other participants on a daily basis.
  • Online profile to record and track before and after photos along with other vital health statistics.

The challenge winner will have to succeed in 3 areas:

  • Performance: Improve your ability to work and play! You will do a baseline workout on Day 1 and measure your improvement in performance on the Finals Day of the challenge.
  • Body transformation: We want you to be lean & mean. This challenge wouldn’t be complete without knowing what impact it had on your body. You will be measured at the beginning and the end to see just how much your hard work paid off.
  • Accountability: You will be challenged not just to show up as the winner, but to play the game every day! Nutrition habits, workouts, mobility, fish oil – your daily choices can make or break this challenge for you!

You will also have the chance to earn bonus points every week by participating in bonus challenges and sharing your experiences with others.

Registration opens on August 15th, and is $45/person.

***This challenge is open to ANYONE, and they do not need to be a member of CF Lancaster to participate. So invite your friends, family, coworkers, ex girlfriends, grandma, ANYONE.***



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