PEDs that work…

Let’s talk performance enhancement

This might be a little controversial. But as a CrossFitter I’m sure controversial topics – especially health/fitness related – are something you’re used to by now.

Today I’m going to talk about a SAFE and LEGAL performance enhancer that’ll help you achieve your goals.

In 1990, Professors Locke and Latham reviewed over 200 studies which documented the consistency and magnitude of this performance enhancer across a wide variety of tasks, settings, and performance criteria.

Athletes were faster, stronger and lasted longer than those who didn’t use this enhancer.

So what is it?

Probably not what you think.

It’s not an anabolic steroid, HGH or any sort of stimulant. In fact it’s not a chemical compound at all. Remember, I said it’s safe and legal.

So what is this secret performance enhancer?

Goal setting

In the 201 studies reviewed by Locke and Latham with over 40,000 participants, the positive effects of goal-setting were evident in 183…a 91% success rate.

We know we should be setting goals, but this scientific research reminds us why it’s so critical.

I don’t doubt that you already know goal setting is important, but I want to encourage you, the CrossFit Lancaster Athletes, to have written goals.

I’d also be willing to bet that there are only a handful of you CrossFitters working towards specific goals.  That’s not good.

Why does that matter to you?

Research indicates that while many athletes may have goals, actually writing them down and sticking with them doesn’t always happen. Goals that aren’t written down are rarely met, and often aren’t specific enough to track in any measurable way.  So what do we do now?

Step 1: Assess your skill level

Knowing where you stand is one of the most important parts of setting goals. Setting a goal like moving from one kipping pull up to five within a set time period only makes sense if you already have a kipping pull up.

Step 2: Create attainable goals to keep you engaged

Goals should be set after assessing your skill level. Research shows that setting a long term goal, with a number of short term goals along the way is one of the most effective means of getting athletes to reach their fitness and training goals.  You are an athlete. Don’t forget that!!!

Step 3: Work the Coaches here to create a program around your goals

We have some incredible coaches at CrossFit Lancaster, and they are here to help YOU.  Ask us questions, get us to look at your movement and help you correct it, let us take a peek at that diet and fix it up for you. In other words, let us know what you’re working on so that we can help you to practice skills outside WODs that will help you achieve your goals.

Step 4: Quantify and publish goals and results

As you set your goals, there is something very powerful about making them public.  Telling others about your goals makes them more real, more tangible, and a part of not just your life but of everyone’s who you told.  That means that it’s harder to talk yourself out of them if you’ve told other people about them.  So, on our Facebook page and at the box on the whiteboard above the couch, make those goals public and write them down!  Then, when you reach your goals, nothing feels better than crossing it off as completed!

So there you go. The best Performance Enhancing Drugs aren’t really drugs at all.  They’re deciding what YOU are going to do and then telling other people about it.  So get on it!!!

– Tim

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