Stronger/Faster Training Camp!

Hey parents!  Are you looking for a way for your high school athletes to keep motivated and  busy during the summer, get in great shape in general and to get ready for the fall sports season? Well, here’s the way!

The CrossFit Lancaster Stronger/Faster Training Camp! 

The CrossFit Lancaster Stronger/Faster Training camp is a 2 month long, 4 day/week program designed to make high school athletes just that; stronger and faster.  By using constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements in conjunction with a periodized program of strength development, our team of coaches will ensure that these athletes are better prepared for anything they are involved in.

We train this way because we know that athletes who are stronger and faster will be better on and off the field, are less prone to injury and illness, and are able to play longer and harder than slower, weaker athletes. There is no better way to prepare for a season of victory than with CrossFit!

We only have 20 spots available, so register quickly by clicking here or on the picture at the top of the page.  The cost is only $399. Register quick before the spots are full!

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