CrossFit Lancaster/Reebok Mall Brawl on Saturday, May 19th

On Saturday, May 19th, from 10-2 we will be having a little competition at the Reebok Outlet in Tanger Outlets in Lancaster!  We’ll be taking over part of the parking lot and WODing outside.  There is no cost to compete, and there will be two competitions going at the same time during the 4 hours we’ll be there.  Click here to register!

First, all day long there will be a competition for those who have never done a CrossFit workout before, and the top male and female competitors at the end of the day get their first month at CrossFit Lancaster for free! There is no need to register for this competition, just step right up and put your name on the board!

Second, there will be a three WOD throw-down for anyone who is an active Crossfit athlete.  To register for this, click here.  The first WOD will go at 10:30 AM, the second at 11:30 and the third at 12:30.  The WODs will not be released until the 19th,  but I will say that if you can deadlift 225lbs for the guys and 155lbs for the ladies , swing a kettlebell, do burpees, push ups, double unders, high pulls, push press 65 for the guys and 45lbs for the ladies, and squats, you’ll be able to compete with out any scaling.

So, feel free to come down and participate in this great opportunity to show the world (or at least Lancaster) what we do!  How cool is this, right?!?!  Taking over the parking lot of a major mall and WODing most of the day for FREE sounds like something you should really be a part of!

We are going to limit the number of 3 WOD competitors to 50, so if you’re going to participate please click here to register.  We will take day of registrations if there is space available, but why risk it, especially if it’s free!

Hope to see you, your friends, your family and anyone else you can drag out on the 19th!

– Tim

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