Some Housekeeping stuff…

Well, if you’ve been here much in the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of new faces! And by a lot, I mean 46 since January, and 25 THIS MONTH!!!  So make sure that you welcome all the new people as they work through the beginner’s classes and integrate into the regular WOD’s.

While all this growth is truly amazing, and reflects the quality of the work that we do and the community that you’ve built up here, it does pose a few issues that we should get in front of before they get out of hand…

  1. Registering: Make sure that you register for the WODs you are going to attend by hitting the button on the left hand side of the web site that says Member Log In, and don’t forget to punch in when you get here. The regular classes are capped at 15 people and the beginner’s classes at 20 to ensure that you get the instruction time that you need and deserve.  That being said, the best way to make sure that you will be able to WOD when you get here is to reserve your spot on line ahead of time.  It may be possible, depending on what we’re doing, to have more than the capped 15 people, so if you get here and it’s booked, talk to the coach and see if they can’t work a little magic.  But, that is the exception so Please, please PLEASE get in the habit of registering ahead of time, it will make everything so much easier!!! If you need to get your log in credentials again, ask me and I’ll get them right to you.
  2. Schedule Additions:  We will be running a WOD at 7:30 Monday and Wednesday evenings!  So, if you cannot get into the 6:30 class you’ll have that option at least 2 days a week.  Yes, the 7:30PM time is still available for those of you who are doing the extra credit work.
  3. Parking:  Parking along the grass is starting to be a bit of an issue.  Technically, the grass isn’t part of the property, and the owners aren’t so happy with us tearing it up.  S0 if there are no spots along the front of the building, please park in the overflow lot just past the loading dock on the left.
  4. Clean Up: This isn’t a dig at any one person in particular, so don’t read this and think “Tim’s talking about me!” If Tim is talking about anyone, it’s himself!  We’re always trying to keep the box as clean and orderly as we can.  A little bit of help on your end will go a long way to making that goal easier to attain.  If you leave DNA anywhere (i.e. skin on the bar, sweat angels, etc…), please remove it.  We have 409 spray bottles and paper towels in several strategic locations around he gym, don’t be afraid to use them.  Also, the jump ropes and bands have new homes on the outside of the shower wall. Please put them back where they belong when you’re done with them…

That’s about it for now.  Keep being awesome!  It has been an honor to see so many new people making great changes in their fitness and their lives, watching new friendships develop and being a part of this incredible community! You all rock, and I’m proud to know you and work with you.  See you at the Box!

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