Smartypants Weekend!!!







Best of luck to Tricia Magrini and Dave Paul, who will be in Bel Air, MD this weekend getting their CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert, and to Kyle O’Brien and Chad Hake are in Malvern, PA getting a Practical Strength Training Cert.

Tim will be out of town, but only for a family party.  No Cert, but many of the attendees are certifiable if that counts…

There is still a 10:00AM WOD today, and super awesome new coach Scott Fisher will be running it.

We will also run another 1:00PM WOD tomorrow, Sunday March 25th to tackle the WOD 11.6, or, um, I mean, 12.5 one last time.

Have an excellent weekend!!!

– Tim


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2 responses to “Smartypants Weekend!!!

  1. It was a pleasure meeting Chad and Kyle this weekend. We hope they enjoyed the seminar as much as we did.

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