3-2-1 GO!

3.2.1 GO!

The sound we love and fear.  In that moment it is on.  It is you and the workout on the whiteboard.   Strengths, weaknesses, triumph and struggle lie ahead.  And you know it.  Breathe, focus, dig deeper.

In the last 4 weeks I have been given an amazing gift.  One that I appreciate and am frustrated with all at once.  I have pushed myself to the edge.  Finished a workout gasping for air, holding my legs rocking in the fetal position begging for the pain to stop.  After a quick recovery, springing back to my feet and wondering.  Wondering what would I be capable of if I pushed that hard every time my sneakers met the box floor.  What if I treated every day like 12.1.  Without judges, a leaderboard, or my ego.

I am pretty certain I’d be better.  Better in the gym, more sure of my abilities as a coach, a wife, a mother and a friend. Teetering on the edge is a scary place to be, but the inevitable growth is worth the risk.  I challenge you athletes to pretend the camera is rolling.  Imagine the judge is counting your reps, urging you to push harder, insisting you give it everything you have left.  What would you be capable of if you acted like every workout mattered as much as the Open WODs?  Between you and me, none of us are going to regionals.  But maybe, just maybe if we train as hard as we do when it “counts” 2013 will be ours!

~ Tricia

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