There’s ignorance, and then there’s ignorance…

There are two ways of being ignorance: singly and doubly. The tricky part is telling the two apart.  (And make sure you read all the way to the end for a really cool announcement!)

Single ignorance, on one hand, is an ignorance that can be overcome. You know that there is something lacking, and you go about the business of fixing it or coming to terms with not knowing that bit of information.  For example, I am not good at calculus. Truth be told, I suck at calculus (and algebra and geometry and chemistry, but let’s not get too picky).  But I’m ok with that. I also know that if I really wanted to get better at calculus, I could. I can’t for the life of me think of why I would want to, but it is possible. This is a singular ignorance.  I know there is a skill I don’t have but one that can be learned.

On the other hand is what Plato called “doubly ignorant”, as in, “You don’t know, and you don’t even know that you don’t know.”  Usually when Plato was calling people doubly ignorant, it wasn’t in a kind way.  This type takes some hard work to overcome, and the bummer is that when you claw your way out of this double ignorance, all you find out is that you don’t know something.  How annoying is that??? Working so hard just to learn what you don’t know.

Here in the box, as athletes, we run into our own ignorances all the time.  We are all regularly humbled by a movement, a workout, a weight, a position or a disposition.  In the beginning, most of us are doubly ignorant of what our particular skills and weaknesses are.  Almost everyone who has come into the box for their first workout is amazed at how difficult this is. Almost everyone has said, “Man, I thought I was in shape before, but this is really hard.”  And then as you come for a few months, all kinds of things show up that you’re not so great at.  You may not know that you are really bad at overhead squats because you’ve never done them and today you may learn that you are not good at them. So, you’ve gone from being doubly ignorant to only singularly ignorant.   But don’t be discouraged that all you have now is an awareness of what you are bad at, because that is a huge step to take, and one that most people are terrified of taking.  Be glad in that and then get on with the business of overcoming that ignorance!

Remember these?  Also remember that we are trying to raise all 10 of those qualities in a fairly equal manner.  Now, after several months here of regularly doing the WODs, you may notice that there some of these things are just not getting the attention that they need.  This isn’t surprising.  While we do our best to put together excellent programming that will address the needs of almost everyone in building a broad based and general fitness, there may come a time where you want to move up the pyramid of fitness.  Maybe you’re noticing that you WOD times aren’t moving in the direction that you’d like them to.  You may play a specific sport and would like to improve some of the skills necessary for that.  You maybe notice that your strength is lagging behind your endurance.  Maybe you have a trip to Florida planned and you want to look good at the beach.  Perhaps you want a really nice snatch.  Whatever the reason, after 6 months to a year, you’ll be aware of what chinks are in your armor, what weaknesses you’re still fighting.  For that, I’d like to announce that we are now offering 3 class times a week to address them!

Starting March 12th, Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and Saturday morning at 9:00 AM are now designated goat killing, weakness eradicating, awesomeness increasing times.  These are not open gym times per se, but they are also not lead in the same way that regular WODs are.  There will be at least one coach on hand to help, but there isn’t a pre-programmed schedule of events.  Think of it like a senior thesis in college. We’ve got some suggestions for you if you’d like them, and we’ll gladly work with you to find what areas would be most beneficial for you to work on.  All you need to do is ask.

A word of caution:  Just like only seniors in college write a thesis, these classes are not for everyone.  Here are the guidelines:

  1. You need to ask!
  2. You need to have been WODing consistently for about 6 months. Any less than that and  you are probably still doubly ignorant of a lot of what your abilities are.  Trust the programming, give it time to work,
  3. You need to have demonstrated the ability to do all of the foundational movements without a lot of coaching or significant scaling.

So there it is.  Turn on the beast mode. WOD hard and take the time to address where you may be lacking.

See you tonight!

– Tim

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