New Pricing for 2012

Please be aware of the new pricing for 2012.

Your First Month:  During most of your first month you will be in our on-ramp class.  The movements we do here can be very challenging to learn, let alone do well in a timed environment with a heavy load.  Think of it like the white belt classes at at Karate Dojo.  You have to learn some basics first, no matter what kind of shape you’re in, before you are allowed to step into the ring with the yellow belts and beyond because you’d get beat up if you just jumped right in. These teaching based classes are designed to make you familiar and competent with all of our movements and methodology. The on-ramp classes are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45PM.  You may also schedule 2 longer one-on-one sessions for the same price if the evening classes are not possible for you. After you’re done with the on-ramp class, the rest of the month will be prorated until the end of the month. All subsequent months are due on the first of every month.

After attending these classes you will…

  • Have a firm grasp of what Fitness is
  • Understand what CrossFit is and why we train the way that we do.
  • Be able to perform the 9 basic movements that are part of almost every WOD we do as well as a host of other fun exercises that we do like kettlebell swings and sledgehammer strikes.
  • Receive basic nutritional guidelines for optimal health and performance.
  • Be doing CrossFit WODs that are scaled to a beginner’s level to make sure you have the form and technique correct before adding intensity.

The On-Ramp costs $109.00, and after your 12 sessions you will be up to speed on all of the movements, exercises and reasoning behind what we do, so you’ll be ready and anxious to jump into the regular group WODs and start working towards doing them as Rx’d.

When you are done with the On-Ramp, you will have several Membership Options:

  • 1x/Week: $89.00

  • 2x/week: $109.00

  • 3x/week: $129.00

  • unlimited: $149.00

We do offer discounts for fire/military/police as well as family discounts. Please ask for details.
So, click the button to the right and schedule a time to try an introductory class! We can’t wait to hear from you!!!

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