Welcome to the newbies, and The New Year’s Pricing


Welcome aboard to Tasha, Charles and Lindsey!  That leaves three spots left at the incredible 2011 prices!  $90/month for a year, $500 for six month, $1000 for the year.

Don’t hesitate on this, after January 1 these rates are gone forever. To sign up click here and choose the Christmas Sale Memberships.

Now, if you do wait until after December 31st, these are the new monthly prices, based on how often you are able to come:

First, everyone needs to go through 9-12  sessions of our On-Ramp class.  These mandatory teaching based classes are designed to familiarize you with the basic movements, skills and methodology of CrossFit. You will spend this time becoming proficient at squatting, dead lifting and pressing, swinging things, doing pull-ups and box jumps, hitting stuff with a sledge hammer and doing WODs that will test these new skills in a safe, timed environment.  Getting through the On-Ramp is like getting your yellow belt in Karate: you are able to hang with the big kids and not get your butt kicked!  This will usually take your first month, and that is $109.00.

Once you have finished that, you will be able to come to either

  • 1 WOD/week: $89.00
  • 2 WODs/week: $109.00
  • 3 WODs/week: $129.00
  • unlimited: $149.00

No matter how many times you are able to come during the week, our coaches are completely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as fast as you can with all of our off the floor coaching, accountability, nutritional check-ins, and skill sessions.  And the community you’ll be a part of is nothing short of amazing!

We are still offering discounts to any military/fire/police and multiple family member discounts, so don’t forget to mention that when you are at your intro session!


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