January Whole30 Throwdown!!!

Here it is CFers!  The January 2012 Whole30 Challenge!!!

The Challenge is for CrossFit Lancaster members ONLY, and goes from Monday, January 2, 2012 through Tuesday, January 31st.  Here are the rules:

  • It’s $30.00 to play.  $20 of it goes to the prize pot and everyone gets a t-shirt at the end
  • Winners in Men’s and Women’s divisions
  • Winners are determined by:
  1. Performance in a standardized WOD to be done on 1/2/12 and again on 1/31/12.  Yes, it’ll be awful, I promise.
  2. Total weight and body fat lost
  3. Recognizing that not all of us have a ton of weight to lose, the biggest part of your score will be an essay on your 30 day experience.

So let’s get on it!  Email throwdown@crossfit-lancaster.com to register and to pay your entry fee.  Look in your email for more information!

– Tim


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2 responses to “January Whole30 Throwdown!!!

  1. Stefanie

    Awesome, I’m in. I was planning to do a Whole 30 on my own. This makes it more fun!

  2. Santa Claus

    An essay? Really? LOL.

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