The Christmas Sale is ON! New Pricing goes into effect January 1st!


Beginning on January 1st, we are introducing a new pricing structure that more accurately reflects both the quality and skill of the coaching and programming that we offer here at CrossFit Lancaster as well as being more customizable to your individual needs and schedules. More on that soon, but for now we are selling off the last few spots available at the old pricing.

Regularly $100.00/month for an unlimited membership,  $550 for 6 months and $1,100 for 12 months, from now until December 31st, 2011 or until the last 13 spots are filled, whichever comes first, the pricing will be as follows:

  • $90/month for unlimited monthly membership for one year, then $100/month forever!
  • $500 for 6 months of an unlimited monthly membership, and renewable 1 time.
  • $1000 for a year of an unlimited monthly membership, renewable 1 time.

And the best part is that you will be grandfathered into the current regular pricing for ever! So, if you decide on a year now, and next year’s membership is $1500 for a year, you’ll still only pay $1,o00!  And then the year after that, even if our yearly membership is $25,000 (it wont be, just using an example here), you’ll only be on the hook for $1,100.  Every year, forever.

Don’t hesitate on this, after January 1 these rates are gone forever. To sign up click here and choose the Christmas Sale Memberships.

And for all you existing members, you are also able to take advantage of the 6 and 12 month pricing! Don’t forget our referral program, either.  Every member you bring to our family gets you $25.00 off for their first full month.

All of the staff here are looking forward to being your Coach! So don’t hesitate, sign up now!!!


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