The Throwdown is TOMORROW!!! Yes, even if it’s snowing!

‎1 More Day!!!  No matter what the weather is doing, we are throwing down!

Some things to bring if you are competing:

  1. 3 items of non-perishable food stuff for the Mount Joy Food Bank.
  2. Do you have a favorite jump rope? You may want to have it.
  3. Do you use a belt or wear special shoes when you lift really, really heavy things? You should probably bring those things.
  4. Finally, every competitor will be provided with 3 pumpkins, bigger than a softball, smaller than your head.  Yes, I am serious. Don’t break it before it’s time.
The first heat of women starts at 10AM, and the men will follow after. The plan is to have each WOD start on the hour with the women and then the men on the 1/2 hour.
I may post the WOD’s tonight…
 – Tim

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