Diamond in the Rough

Another “WOD” courtesy of Crossfit Lisbeth….

Some of us can see it in you — who you could be, with a little work — even if you can’t see it in yourself. And that fact will either thrill or frighten you. Or, maybe both.

Some coaches have technical skills, or fantastic eye for movement, or a phenomenal grasp of human mechanics. But some can kinda see under your skin. We watch you breathe and we notice your body posture and your interaction with the world and listen to your words. And it all sort of adds up.

We know who you are. Or at least, we have an idea.

For some people, that’s a seriously frightening prospect: that someone could really know who they are. Some folks have spent a lifetime building their walls. They don’t want anybody to see over their fences, or through their windows. They want to control everything: life feels safer that way. And along comes a coach or a person or a loved one who can really see them, even beyond the push jerk — and that diamond in the rough, and wants to help polish it up so the world sees it too. And that is scary.

It’s okay though. Be scared but let them look anyhow. Be brave. And maybe a little crazy. Many folks probably understand more than you give them credit for . . . and they’re probably kind of freaked out too. But you know what? Life doesn’t have to be so frightening — for all of us. I know a fella who says “The more people that know your intimate secrets, the safer you are.” Sounds totally wrong, but maybe he’s right? Whichever it is, and whatever happens, good or bad? You’ll get over it. That is the only certainty.

So just press on. Let your coach try to polish that diamond. Tell ‘em to back off when you need to, but let ‘em in when you can. Both your lives will be better for it.”

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One response to “Diamond in the Rough

  1. Stefanie

    Coach Tricia –
    This is great! so insightful and true.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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