Nothing does not come easy…

Remember The Neverending Story?  I remember watching that movie when I was a kid, and being so amazed at those incredible special effects and how real the cocker spaniel dragon thing that the main character rode looked. And I remembered that the “Nothing” scared the ever loving crap out of me!  Well, I watched it again a few months ago with my kids, and the special effects weren’t quite as impressive now as they were then.  Even my kids weren’t impressed with them, but they’ve grown up on Star Wars and Jurassic Park, so the bar has been set pretty high.  But one thing didn’t change… The Nothing still scared the crap out of me, but for different reasons.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Nothing comes easy”.  I always thought that meant that if you wanted to get something meaningful, you’d have to work for it. It was usually said in relation to winning a championship, or meeting some deadline or something. “It wasn’t easy, but then nothing comes easy, right?”  Well, on one hand, sure.  But I think there is a more insidious message that is hiding behind that explanation.  It feels like the exact opposite of that meaning is held up as virtuous.  Like, it’s easy if you don’t want anything.  Nothing comes eeeaaaassssy. You don’t have to work for nothing, you don’t have to stretch yourself or strive, it’s easy, and that is put out there like its a good thing.   And right there is what scared me when I watched The Never Ending Story. The scary thing was that the Nothing in this movie wasn’t actually nothing.  It was really something, either the destructive and world ending force that was sweeping Fantasia, or the apathy of the main character and his feeling like he should’t do anything. And both kinds were fiercely guarded by something awful and terrifying and deadly.

But, nothing is not without hope!  Because there is a good kind of nothing, and this is where the rubber hits the road here, so pay attention!!! Nothing doesn’t have to be an destructive emptiness, or an apathetic lack of motivation or desire. Every time we come to the box, there is a WOD on the board specifically designed to have you leave nothing in the tank, nothing behind, nothing at all.  That takes some serious work! The kind of work that leaves you in a sweaty, disgusting (and sometimes bloody) heap on the floor. That kind of nothing does absolutely NOT come easy.  That’s the kind of nothing that we are seeking here, the kind that is left behind after you gave all you could today, there was nothing else that you could have done. But the problem is that that kind of Nothing is also guarded by your own personal Gmork (that’s the wolf at the top of the page and your trivia for the day!).  He fights for Nothing, and he can tell the difference between the good kind and the bad kind, and REALLY HATES the good kind.  So when he sees you getting too close, he’ll attack.  He’ll tell you that you’ve done enough or that you can’t do that or can’t lift that, or that 4 rounds is really enough, or that you should just go do some bicep curls and call it a day.  It’s up to  you to stop him.  We will give you all the tools we can, all the weapons at our disposal to defeat him, but at the end of the day it’s your courage and strength that you need to rely on and no one else. That is your never-ending story.

Now, step up to the bar!

– Tim

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