Zombie Attack Survival Challenge!!!

“Strong people are harder to kill, and more useful in general”
-Mark Rippetoe 

Needless to say then, when the zombies do attack, the stronger you are, the better chance you have at staying alive! And since our Goal at CFL is to keep you alive and functional, as long as possible, I am announcing to all of you the first annual Zombie Attack Survival Challenge!  Two months of focus and dedication to becoming stronger, leaner, faster and more useful in general, and ready to survive a Halloween Zombie Attack!

The contest starts on the Tuesday the 6th of September and will culminate at our Halloween Throwdown on October 29th.  

Points will be awarded based upon performance, not on any particular body indicator such as weight or body fat percentage. This is NOT a biggest loser type weight loss contest, this is a usefulness contest, not that you shouldn’t weigh yourself at the beginning and the end, just not in the middle!  That being said, you will be significantly more useful if your not carrying around and extra couple (dozen?) ponds, and if you follow the guidelines we set out, you will most likely lose any extra weight you’ve got hanging around!  

The workouts we will be using as our scoring benchmark are 

1. The “CrossFit Lancaster Total”, which is scored on your performance in a 1 mile run, max reps bench press with 1/2 your body weight for the guys and 1/3 for the girls, and a 1 rep max deadlift, and 

2. 3 Rounds for reps: 1 minute each of Thrusters, sit-ups, Kettle bell swings, and burpees with a minute rest in between each exercise.

The Guy and Gal who has the biggest improvement over the two months in these two WODs will be the winner, and receive an awe-inspiring prize package the likes of which you’ve never seen. Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration.  But you’ll get the praise and admiration of everyone else in the box. And a free month.  

So, here are the rules:  We will be doing the CFL Total on the day after Labor Day, so if you’re in, you don’t want to miss this day!  We have just recently done the other one, and we can use that score for this contest.  If you have not done this WOD, or would like another crack at it, or will be unavailable the day after labor day, you will have an opportunity to on Wednesday September 7th after the 6:30 WOD.

Also on the 7th we will have a Nutrition Refresher after the 6:30 WOD where we will go over the basics of what we know to be good nutrition, and to answer any questions you may  have.  

There is no charge for members of CFL to participate in this contest, and the more people we get involved the better, so let’s all jump on this and get ready for the coming zombie apocalypse together!  

If you are participating, please sign in on the whiteboard by the GHDs in the box.  

See you soon!


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