When in doubt…

Choose AWESOME!  Every time, it never fails.  Ask yourself, “What would the most awesome choice I can make right now be?” and then do that!

That being said, I have made an awesome choice! As many of you know, while I was gone, there was a bit of an uproar from some of our more White Collared Neighbors about the noise, the running, the music, the sweating.  So we could have tried to keep it down, be more professional, stopped running, or we could take the awesome option:

Awesome to the tune of 3,800 sq feet. Don’t worry, though, it’s in the same building, just on the other side. We will be right next door to the Pooch Parlor on the corner.  More space, more garage door, more 15′ ceilings for more rope climbing… Just more AWESOME!

We will officially be in the new space August 15th, but we’ll probably be in there sooner than that.  Look for a very special Moving WOD in the near future.

And of course, we’ll just have to throw another expansion party. PPC, I’m calling you out again!!!

Thanks to all of you for making this possible, your loud, obnoxious, and enthusiastic selves have thrust expansion upon us and we are taking it by the horns. This summer is going to be AWESOME!

– Tim

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