I miss you all…

But I’m still getting my WODs on! Here’s what I looked like taking the official CrossFit Lancater Rest Position after PR’ing the Filthy 50 (with actual pullups, not jumping pullups as rx’d) by 2:30…

CrossFit Brio is Saskatoon, SK is a great box in the great white north, and David Rylee is a great coach!  I’ve got one more gym to check out (Level 10 Fitness) and then I’m headed home again.  See you all Wednesday!

– Tim


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2 responses to “I miss you all…

  1. looks like a tv studio in there with a green screen. do they do any advertising for CF there haha

  2. Wayne Felger

    Looks like Wednesday will be my first day back after over 2 weeks of vacation. My WOD’s consisted of cutting, stacking, splitting and mauling wood, along with hiking out in the woods. Unfortunately due to toe recovery, I was unable to keep up with my usual 10mile trail circuit. I am hopeful to be ok to run the mud run in Philly this Sunday am.

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