It’s time to say “Goodbye” to the Tie

That tie was around my neck every day of the last 3 months I spent in my previous life, and has hung on my office wall since day one of this current life as a reminder of what I never want to go back to.  It has been a constant presence, in the corner of my eye and in the back of my mind that I never want to return to the days of waking up dreading where I had to go in the next hour, and knowing that I would be there all day, most days, as long as the mind dared to imagine.  It was an excellent motivator that got the box up and running to the place it is now, and for that hopefully we are all thankful.

However, as good a motivator that tie was, it was still a motivation based in fear and of anger, and far too focused on what has already happened, and things that I have no control over.  It was a reminder of a way to not lose, but not an indication of how to win. So, the tie has to go, because I for one am tired of playing not to lose.  The long term goal is for CrossFit Lancaster to be the best gym in Central PA. We’re well on our way, but there is work to be done, lots of it. But if I am spending too much time looking backwards, I know I’m gonna miss some important stuff.  Imagine driving while spending most o the time looking in the rear view mirror, right?  You’re gonna hit something sooner rather than later.  So what that means for us is that we are full steam ahead towards that goal of becoming the best gym in Central PA.  What that exactly looks like will be expanded on in the near future…

My question for all of you is the same, “Are you playing not to lose, or playing to win?”

There are some excellent goals on the board, and people are making progress towards reaching them, and that is great, but for a goal to have lasting meaning, it needs to be born out of love and understanding, not fear.  For example, some of us have set weight goals, and that’s great. But why are you interested in losing that 5 or 10 or 20 pounds? Is it because you are afraid that you will be fat if you don’t, or that people will look at you differently, look down on you? Or, is it because you see an intrinsic value in having less weight to carry around? While fear of what other people think may work for a time, after a while most people get to the point where it is just less painful to deal with what other people think than to take the steps they need to change themselves.

So challenge yourselves this week. Look at your goals and ask yourself, “Why?” Because when you find the right why, there is always a how.

– Tim


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2 responses to “It’s time to say “Goodbye” to the Tie

  1. Wayne Felger

    I l ook at that goals board every day….maybe by the time I come back from vacation I will have decided on a goal worth posting on the board.

  2. Scott Porman

    Great post Tim! I recently traded a uniform (Career Firefighter) to re-enter the private sector. Playing to win is so much more fun, kinda scary, but well worth it.

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