6/8/11WOD: CrossFit Lancaster Total

What’s that? It’s a measure of your cardiovascular endurance, muscular stamina and raw strength all in one WOD! What could be better, right!?! So here it is:

  • Run 1 mile
  • bench press for reps (1/2 body weight for men, 1/3 for ladies)
  • 1 rep max deadlift

To score, convert your mile time to seconds (min x 60+seconds) to get your baseline score, then subtract one point for each rep of bench presses you do and for each pound of your heaviest deadlift. Just like golf, we are shooting for a score of “0” as par.

For example, my score was this:

  • 6:14 mile (374 points)
  • 40 reps
  • 313 deadlift

That gives me a score of 21.  (374-40-313).  So far I am the only guy who did this as RX’d with an above par score. grr…

You can see that if you can run fast and lift heavy things well, your score can be very low, but if you are good at one and not the other, your score will be markedly higher.

See you all later, this is really a fun WOD.  It hurts, but it’s fun. I promise.

– Tim

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One response to “6/8/11WOD: CrossFit Lancaster Total

  1. Wayne Felger

    Fun, I liked it but am a bit unsure of the proper technique for the deadlift, and as such, was a bit concerned about injury….which I absolutely cannot have. Too much mud to run in!!!

    PS finally my quads are starting to bark a little. Feels good. Biceps appear to be on the mend as well!

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