Who are They, anyway?


Who are they?  They say that the economy is going to be bad for a while.  They say that unemployment isn’t getting better.  They say that you are too tall, short, skinny, fat, strong, weak, ugly, lazy, ambitious and/or attractive, depending on what position They are defending.   “You know what they say” is a common way to prove a point.  “You know what they say about guys with big feet, right.”  (They wear big shoes), or to stop someone from doing something,  “You know what they’ll say if they hear about that.”  They say that long hours on the treadmill make you healthy.  They say that girls shouldn’t lift heavy weights. They say a lot of things.

You know what I think?

I think They are full of shit.

Who the hell are They to dictate what YOU do, how YOU behave, the decisions that YOU make.  Why do They have so much power over us? Why do we give it to them? What do They know about YOU? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

It is time we turned it around some.  Our motto isn’t “Become What They Say You Should Be”, it’s Become What You Are. So rather than bowing down to the wisdom of what They have said, how about we tell Them what WE are going to do?  As in, we need some big, hairy, audacious, almost unattainable goals.  Not necessarily as a gym, but as individual members of this community, we need some goals, and we need to make them public.  Goals make what we’re doing in here that much more meaningful, and by announcing them, we make it much harder to back away from them.  Goals that are kept to yourself are secret goals, and like secret relationships, usually don’t end well.  On the other hand, written down and publicized become a part of the culture, part of who you are and who we are.  They become real.

If you have been in the box in the last day or so, you’ll have noticed the Goals Board above the stereo. It has a few simple columns: Name, Goal, Date, Accomplished.  That’s it.  No secret formula, no magic numbers.  Just four basic facts: Who you are, what you are going to accomplish, by when, and if you did it yet. No room for excuses, circumstances or situations.  No bullshit.

There is also no room for fluff goals. Chad should not put that he’s going to do a 5 minute Fran. Neither should he put that he’s going to do a 1 minute Fran. One is lame, the other is impossible. Be thoughtful about what you are committing to, and don’t write it down unless you are 100% on board with it. Remember, if there is a big enough “Why” there is always a “How”.

It doesn’t have to be a box-specific goal, it can be anything you want to get done.  It’s YOUR goal, so put it up there, make it public and make it part of OUR culture.  We have the most excellent group of athletes in Lancaster here every day, people who are just as committed as you our ideal, to Become What You Are. What better place could there be for us to show what we’re made of?  Let’s get on it, let’s set our sights high and do what ever it takes to get there.

This is going to be a fantastic summer…

– Tim

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  1. Tricia M

    Looks like I have some thinking to do!

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