Two great accomplishments and a few Scheduling things.

Great Accomplishment 1:  Stefanie Myer is doing her first Triathlon today in Mt. Gretna! Best of luck to you, F in Stefanie.

Second Great Accomplishment: Dave Paul is in MD getting his level 1 Cert this weekend!  Congrats to Dave (assuming he passes the test!)

And, along with the new addition, we have some Class Schedule things to announce… As Memorial Day weekend

  • No more 8:00 AM Saturday WODs, but the 10:00 AM WODs are still on.  The idea here is to make Saturdays more of a Team Challenge event, so there will be some fun changes to the typical WODs on Saturday’s. But that means we need everyone here at the same time!!!  More to come…
  • There will be a 7:30 AM Group Bike Ride from the Box on Saturday mornings.  We’ll go about 30 miles and the pace will be 17+ MPH on average.  This is open to anyone who wants to join us, not just CFL members.  You will still have to sign a waiver, though…
  • And for the big change, starting May 31st, Tuesday evening classes starting at 6:30! Way to go, Dave!!!
Ok, there we have it.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Don’t forget about the Cave Girl today, 1:00!!!
– Tim


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8 responses to “Two great accomplishments and a few Scheduling things.

  1. Wayne Felger

    As a competitive Mud Runner/Trail runner, I am always looking for ways to enhance my edge. CrossFit seems to be just what I need, I like anything unconventional, from TRX to Battling Ropes, to bleacher running, tires, etc. Anything other than the basic lifting weights and running treadmills. Just when I thought that I would be able to get a Saturday morning in, the schedule has changed… I’m going to have a problem with the 10am thing on the 18th of June but I’ll try anyway!! The Mud Run that day is in Frederick, MD and does not start until 3pm….are the Saturday classes one hour or are they longer? I am looking forward to taking my fitness level to a new level….hope to see you on the 18th.

    • Tim

      Hey Wayne, I am sorry that the 18th is going to be tight, but you can come any Saturday you want. Yes, the workouts last at most one hour, so you should have time to get to MD, but will you be recovered by then enough to race? That’s a good question. Hopefully we’ll see you then if not before.


      • Wayne Felger

        That is the question Tim, will I be recovered enough for a 15k Mud Run!!…..I can’t make it earlier due to Rolling Thunder in DC this weekend, working next weekend ( I am a part time fitness coach at Universal Athletic Club) and 2 Mud Runs on the 11th and 12th of June….that gets me to the 18th, one week before a 2 week vacation sets in!!


  2. Wayne Felger

    It appears I was mistaken about my schedule this Saturday…I’m free. See you at 1000 on Saturday morning.


  3. Wayne Felger

    Sneakers, shorts, shirt, water, towel, gloves….any other equipment needed?

  4. Wayne Felger

    Sneakers, shorts, shirt, gloves, water, towel…anything else needed to come and play at your playground?

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