Liz Wolfe TOMORROW! I’m Super Excited!!! Regular WODs at 8 and 10.

Our morning schedule is the same tomorrow, WODs at 8 and 10.  They’re pretty rough, too. You don’t want to miss them, I promise.

Then, at 1:00 the Cave Girl starts!  If you haven’t already received the information, please email me ASAP and I will get you the link.  If you do not have it, and do not have a chance to get to it today, I have a few copies available.  I just ask that you cover the printing ($8.00)

Also, don’t forget that this is a BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR event.  Being a crossfit gym, we have precious little place to sit for extended periods except the floor, and that’s not that comfy.  So, bring a lawn chair, folding chair, office chair, Adirondack chair, iron throne, toilet seat, dentist chair, barber chair or any other type of sitting-on device.

We start at 1:00, don’t be late.  This is gonig to be a great, great workshop and I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

– Tim

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