Hey CFL athletes! Anyone have a blog of their own?

If any of our athletes (or lurkers, for that matter) have a fitness or health blog, or would like to start one, I’d love to link to it here! We have  such a vibrant community of intelligent people with so much to offer that is seems a shame to not promote it.

For example, I have a new one that I have been working on the last few days (sorry the btwb has been a bit behind!) here: Wheels and WODs.  As many of you know I was an avid cyclist for many years before I started CFL and am finally in a place where I can ride more again.  So, I am conducting and experiment on combining WODs and Cycling with a goal of riding the Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif in September at an average speed of 19 MPH and at the same time increase my CF Total to over 906.   This site will still be the main page for all the Box specific stuff, the other is more of a place to trace my personal progress.  Maybe I’m crazy for thinking it would be interesting enough for anyone besides myself and my mom to want to read, but we’ll see.

I would love to see some of you putting yourselves out there in this way, too. Make your accomplishments, your progress and  your goals public, they are more meaningful that way (and much harder to back out of).

I am looking forward to hearing what YOU have to say!

– tim

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