Unintended Paleo Cosequences…

One of the unintended consequences of all of us eating Paleo is that there is now an alarming number of unemployed and depressed marshmallow peeps taking desperate measures to pay the bills.  I can’t even post the pictures of what the green M&M’s have been reduced to.

However…do not let this horrible decline in confectionary morals derail all the hard months of your hard work this weekend.  I know that there is some other significance to Easter besides the bunny and lots and lots of candy, but that is a topic for another blog.  What I want to really stress and encourage for all of you is that we are grown ups who can choose what does and does not get into our bellies!  You don’t have to eat all the candy this weekend.  I know it will be difficult for me, and I’m sure it will also be for you.   It’s easy to not eat the stuff that isn’t in your house, but it’s hard to not eat candy that is sitting in front of you. And don’t let the “Snack Size” or “Fun Size” portions fool you.  I know my tendency is to justify the snack because it’s small.  Usually 8 or 9 (teen) times. I would have been better off just having eaten the regular sized bar and gotten it over with.

So, enjoy your weekend, have a great feast on Sunday if that’s your Holiday, but be grown ups and decide now what you are or aren’t going to eat and stick to it.

– Tim

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