You are all amazing

I just wanted to throw that out there for all you CFL Athletes. Really and truly, I am amazed by every single one of you on a daily basis.  I realized this especially this morning when Les was doing his dead lifts.  He decided to “go heavy” for his set of 6 and he flew through it.  I told him he could do that 12 times, and he did. The rest of the workout he kept saying, “this is a good day” .  And occasionally roaring.  I felt like saying, “I am good at my job!”  but Tricia M. did it for me.   That’s when it hit me for real, not how good I am at my job, but how lucky I am to do what I do here.  I have the opportunity every single day to watch you shatter barriers, destroy obstacles and crush PR’s.  I have watched you go from doing pull-ups on the rings to butterflys. I have seen you deadlift for reps what once was glued to the floor.  I have seen Dan Snyderman’s hips get below the crease of his knees! (That one may actually be a bona fide  miracle.  One more Miracle and a card trick and I can be nominated for sainthood!  I guess I should probably curse less, too) I have witnessed people transform from timid and frightened to the fighters that they are now.  I watched all of you go through the ‘I can’t do this-I can do this-I can do this faster’ funnel.  I’ve watched as the lights went on in your eyes for the first time when all of this suddenly clicked and made sense and the addiction set in.  I even heard somewhere that Dave is a “Rough Mudder” or something?  I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I feel because of these things. When you love what you do, you never go to work again and I can honestly say that I am very lucky to love what I do. (just imagine how much more I would love it with another 20 members or so…)

I can joke around all I want about being good at what I do, but the reality is that I just give you the tools you need to get you out of your own way and then watch you do it.  I feel lucky to have a front row seat for all the awesome!

See you tonight!

– tim

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  1. Jannese

    You are great as well, Tim! I’m grateful for you and the friends that I’m making at CFL!

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