Open House Saturday and the Open Qualifier WOD!!!

Don’t miss it! Saturday from 9-1 or later depending on how many people are WODing. There’s two different things happening. On one hand, we’ll be having a day long competition, with 4 WODs to be battled, and the individual man and woman with the lowest overall time is the champion of the day. There will be great competition, and incredible cheering section and prizes for the top competitors.

We’ll also be hosting the first CrossFit Games Open Qualifying WOD. Anyone who hopes to compete in the games this year needs to start by first registering on the games site ( and then doing well (really well) in this 6 week long series. The affiliates in the area are each hosting the weekly WOD on Saturday mornings starting at 10 AM. The website to register will be up in the next day or so.

Our open house is going to be a celebration of everything awesome about CrossFit: incredible workouts, amazing competition and the best community of athletes there is. Come and experience for yourself what we do! Even if you’re not going to compete, come and see what’s going on here, you’ll never look at your gym the same way again!

See you Saturday!!!

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