New Year’s Resolutions and other wastes of time

Mmm...New Year's Resolutions!

Tomorrow is the big day, and I’m so excited. The New Year is starting, so it’s time to make resolutions, to look back on the last 12 months and figure out what you would like to do differently.  And what better day is there to decide on making major life changes than on the day when everyone else is doing it, and as an added bonus, a day when the earth is in almost exactly the same place in relation to the sun as it was 12 months ago.  I mean, if the intentions of the masses and our precise physical location in the universe wont ensure that 2011 will not be just another 2010, what will, right?  You know what else I’m gonna do on New Year’s Day?  I’m gonna eat a unicorn (they’re Paleo) and then crap a rainbow.

In all seriousness, deciding to do something based only upon a day of the year is arbitrary, and decisions made arbitrarily are pursued in the same way. I may as well have resolved to eat the unicorn, because that has about as much a chance of happening as do most peoples resolutions. So, let’s put aside the idea of a New Year’s Resolution and instead set yourself a goal, a SMART one.

A SMART goal is something that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.  So, “eating unicorns on January 1st” may be Specific, measurable and Time Bound, it isn’t realistic or attainable.  Bad goal. “Getting in Shape” is none of those things. What shape would you like to be in?  How do you know when you have arrived?  What criteria do you need to meet to be “in shape”? Bad Goal.  So is losing 20 lbs by January 3rd 2011.  It is Specific, Measurable and Time bound, but not attainable or realistic (Just like the unicorn).  Unless you are going to have a baby on the 2nd, don’t count on that one working out.

A good goal would be something like, I will lose 20 lbs by the first day of Spring 2011.  That is a goal which is Specific (lose 20 lbs) Measurable (20 lbs), Attainable (2 lbs/week for 10 weeks) realistic (that is a realistic amount, difficult, but realistic) and time bound. (the First day of spring is March 21st, just in case you were wondering)

So please, all of us who are planning on having the same resolution with the same outcome as the last umpteen years, hold off.  Let’s talk about this together and figure out what may be a good, smart goal to shoot for.

One thing that would be good is to do the Whole 30.  This is a 30 day nutrition plan designed to get your body back to square one as far as things that may be hurting you.  Read the link for a more complete explanation. Several of the members here are starting this on January 1, including myself.  (Yes, I am aware that it is a new thing that we are starting on the first of the year.  Remember, I didn’t say that anything started on January 1st is arbitrary, all I said was that the date is not what gives it the power.)

If I don’t see you before the new year, have a great weekend and I truly do wish all of you the very best in the next year, and I am extremely honored and blessed that you allow me to be a part of that.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a unicorn…


– tc

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