12/15/2010 WOD






The extra 5:45 class today did a squat, pull-up, squat, squat, push up WOD.  They had one minute to do as many squats as possible.  At the end of the minute, they subtracted the number of squats from 60, and did that many pull ups in the next minute.  Then they did the same thing for the push ups.  The goal was three rounds, and then keep going until you fell behind the clock.  Jack got 6 rounds!

The 9:00 class did 5 rounds for reps of:

  • 1 minute kettlebell swings
  • 1 minute box jumps
  • 1 minute push press (75/55)

I think that one was harder than they had anticipated!

See you tonight, we have both evening classes, so make sure you get here.


– tc

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